Frequently Asked Questions

    When will it be my turn to be vaccinated?

    We have now invited everyone over 12 for their first dose and everyone over 18 for a booster (due before the end of 2021). Booster doses are due 3 months after your second dose and are for those aged 18 and over.


    Can I choose which vaccine I have?

    We currently only have access to Pfizer vaccine at this time. 


    I have received a text message inviting me for a vaccine – is this genuine?

    Text messages from your GP surgery are using a 3rd party booking system called Accubook (via accuRx).  The invite will have the name of your surgery in the text message.  You will only be asked to confirm your date of birth via the link.  You will NEVER be asked for any payment. 


    Why am I only receiving an appointment for the 1st vaccine?

    We have been assured that we will be delivered sufficient supplies to vaccinate everyone by the end of the 12th week after their first dose.  However, no delivery dates have been confirmed thus far in advance – it is therefore not possible to reliably book 2nd dose appointments.


    When and how will I hear about my appointment for the 2nd dose?

    You will be contact by the surgery closer to the time to book this appointment.   This is likely to be by phone or by text message in the same way as your invite to the first appointment. 


    I have received a letter from NHS England and an invite from my GP surgery inviting me for a vaccine – which should I book?

    This is your choice and you should book whichever is most convenient for you.  NHS England have opened large vaccination centres in Hampshire and Dorset and are sending letters to invite some eligible people.  Your GP surgery does not have an arrangement with any of the large vaccination centres in order to book you directly into one of these appointments.


    It is important you book your vaccine at only one site as to ensure there is availability for others to book the slot you do not want.   


    Can I have the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine if I have a history of anaphylaxis or carry an epipen?

    There is no longer a recommendation to avoid this vaccine, unless you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients of the vaccine itself.

    PfizerBioNTech (section 6):

    Oxford-Astra Zeneca (section 6):


    Is there parking?

    There is limited free parking on the hospital site. Please be considerate when using the car park.  For those that are able, the Sea Road Car Park accepts New Forest short stay car parks and is a 2 minute walk from the hospital site. 

    Do I need to know my NHS number?

    When you attend for your appointment you only need to tell us your name. However, if you are asked to come in last minute to use up some remaining doses at the end of the day having access to your NHS number can be helpful. It might be worth having a note of it on your at all time e.g. saved in your phone. You can find out your NHS number using a new service here.


    I do not drive – how can I get to Milford on Sea?

    It may be necessary to ask a relative, friend or neighbour to drive you to your appointment.  Attending essential medical appointments (including vaccinations) is considered to be essential travel for you and anyone who is driving you to the appointment.  If not in your household or support bubble, you should wear masks and ensure the window is slightly open if possible for ventilation. 


    Community First New Forest (01425 482773 or may be able to assist with transport to vaccination appointments. There is a charge for petrol. You will need your appointment date and time before you phone.


    I am housebound – how do I get vaccinated?

    People who are able to leave their home (including people who are shielding as travel for essential medical care is permitted) should attend the vaccination centre.  For those that are housebound, you should inform your GP surgery that this is the case who will make arrangements for you to be vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.  It may not be possible to call in advance when a nurse or GP will visit as a vaccine dose may only become available at very short notice.


    Will I still have to follow the social distancing rules after I have had my vaccine?

    Whilst trials have shown these vaccines to be very effective, no vaccine is 100% effective.  You should continue to follow the rules set out by the government even after having your vaccine.  This also means continuing to shield if you have been advised to do so. 

    Please also remember to follow social distancing protocols outlined by staff and the posters whilst at the hospital site.


    Can I have the vaccine if I am pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast feeding?

    The government has updated advice on these situations and it can be found via the following link:


    What should I do if I get side-effects?

    Minor side-effects are common after any vaccine.  It is OK to treat the common minor side-effects with over the counter paracetamol – pain at injection site, muscle ache, mild fever or headache.  For more severe reactions, you can contact 111 online, phone 111 or your GP surgery in hours. 


    You can report uncommon, unusual or severe side-effects via the coronavirus Yellow Card scheme:


    How can I find more information about the vaccine or the vaccine programme as a whole?

    Please ensure you are reviewing reputable information – for example via NHS uk:

    The British Society for Immunology have published "A guide to vaccinations for COVID-19" which you can read here.


    I want to help with the vaccination programme – how can I volunteer?

    We have had so many volunteers come forward that we are currently not looking for any more. Depending how long the vaccination programme goes on for we may look to take on more volunteers in the future.  Keep an eye on this website or follow us on Twitter for updates.