PCN News

10/6/22 - Vaccination Site to Pause in July and August

COVID vaccinations at Milford War Memorial Hospital will stop at the end of June. We currently expect to be vaccinating again in September but are waiting for official confirmation.

To book a vaccination use The National Booking Service or call 119.

9/6/22 - Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Reversal course coming soon

We are in the process of putting together a Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Reversal Course. This is initially going to be for patients with a HbA1c of 47. Course will run on a Tuesday at 10am in the War Memorial Hospital. Ideally, we will have around 10 in a group, but we will also be able to run groups on different days and at different times if we get a lot of people interested. After the group, the patients will have the opportunity to join us on a healthy walk around Milford. These will be 45-60 mins long and at a pace suitable for all who attend.