There is a developing global shortage of GLP1 injections used in Type 2 Diabetes. To learn more click on the link above.

Do you problems with persistent/chronic pain? The page above has information on medication used for persistent pain.

Do you take a "Flozin" medication? Please read the leaflet linked above about about a very rare but serious potential side effect.

There are opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of the medications we take.  Click above to learn more. We are specially looking at the following areas at this time:

The link above is to our menopause page.  Did you know that since April 2023 you can get a prescription prepayment certificate to cover your HRT medication? For more information and to apply for this online click here.

Do you use a skin cream, ointment, lotion, gel, spray, bath oil or soap substitute? Please check out the above safety alert.

We are in the process of changing the standard fast-acting insulin we use from Novorapid to Trurapi. To learn more click on the link above.

Pete Williams is our PCN Senior Clinical pharmacist working across all surgeries.  He works with a growing team of Pharmacy Technicians.  You can learn more about the role of a clinical pharmacist by clicking on the link above.