Libre 2 Free Trial

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Libre is a glucose sensor which you apply to the back of your arm and can scan with a smartphone. These are normally only available on prescription for all individuals with Type 1 Diabetes but Abbott who produce the device are running a 2 week free trial whereby anyone with Diabetes who has not had a sensor before can get access to one sensor.

Click on the picture to learn more. You will need a smart phone. Having a sensor as you start on your low carb journey could be really powerful.

Before completing the form to request a sensor it will be helpful for you to know that:

  • blood glucose is measured in mmol/L
  • HbA1c is also a measure of glucose levels
  • Hypoglycaemia is a low glucose of <3.9mmol/L and is treated with sugar
  • Hyperglycaemia is a high sugar level (>11mmol/L) and is treated with diet or medication 

Access the free trial here...