Dr Unwin is a GP partner at Norwood Surgery in Southport.  He has been advocating a low carbohydrate approach to the management of Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-diabetes since 2013 and has had amazing results.

The latest results from his surgery are published in a BMJ nutrition article which you can find here. In the video below you can see an introduction to his approach. If you would rather a podcast then this interview at the UK low carb podcast is a good option. He has also written the forward in two recipe books which you can find details about here.

In this next video Dr Unwin explains his approach in more detail and reveals the data from 7 years of experience treating people with low carbohydrate diets.

You can see a couple of tweets from Dr Unwin on this page where he shares anonymous data with patient consent.  You can see how dramatic and sustainable the improvements in weight and sugar levels can be. We might ask you if you agree for us to share your data in this way as it can be a very powerful way of spreading great results to help motivate other people.

How to switch to a lower carb diet

There are certain situations where a switch to a lower carb diet could be harmful and so medical advice should be sought. If you take no medication for Blood Pressure and no medication for Type 2 Diabetes (or only Metformin) then there should be no reason why you could not try a lower carb diet. If you are on medication other than Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes then you should discuss with a health professional as these diets could cause low blood sugar levels or other issues which will need to be discussed before you make a significant change to your diet.

A lower carb diet may also lower your blood pressure and so this is something that will need to be kept an eye on.

Click here to the introduction page on lower carb diets.  

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Case Studies

Graph from a patient at Dr Unwin's practice who lost 10 stone in just over a year by eating a low carb diet.

Graph from a patient at Dr Unwin's practice who had sugar levels in the diabetic range but has reduced them to the normal range for 9 years (and counting) using a low carb diet.

Lower Carb - The Science