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On medication for Diabetes (apart from Metformin)?

You should check with your doctor or nurse before making a significant change to your diet.

On medication for high blood pressure?

A low carb diet can reduce your blood pressure and you will need to keep an eye on this.

Key principles:

  • If reducing total calorie intake, some people often choose to miss out on the snacks.  On the other hand, reducing the carbohydrate content of food and therefore that insulin spike, can reduce the craving for eating between meals.
  • Snacks can also be seen as 'food on the go' and if you've got a busy day at work, running around looking after kids, travelling between places, having quick and accessible food can be really important, and stop you reaching for the shops.
  • If it is something sweet you are looking for, check out the Dessert page for some ideas.  Beware of 'low fat' options in the supermarket - they are likely to contain more sugar!
  • Nuts are a good option but not all nuts are the same!  The dietdoctor website gives a helpful visual guide to carb content of nuts.   
  • A little bit of preparation can be key: baked goods that can be easy 'on the go' include egg muffins, or cheese low carb scones, courgette chips, low carb granola bars.
  • Be careful when making direct flour switches though: you can't make a 1: 1 switch for wheat flour most of the time.  For example, coconut flour absorbs more liquid that wheat flour and needs more eggs!  Other alternatives include almond flour or ground almonds (slightly coarser, but also cheaper)
  • Go for fruit which grows in our climate as this is likely to contain less sugar - click here to see the amounts of sugar in different types of fruit which helps show why bananas should be avoided.  Adding full fat yoghurt can make a tasty option.
  • Check out our lower carb products page for some treat options.


This is a section of our lower carb products page. You can find the whole page here.


Adonis foods produce cereal type bars which are very low in carb.

You can find them on amazon here.

Scoundrel Luxury Chocolate

Paleo Canteen produce luxury low carb chocolate. There are different varieties available.

You can buy direct from here.

Deliciously Guilt Free

Deliciously Guilt Free produce various low carb treats including chocolate brownies.

You can buy direct from here.

Serious Pig

Serious Pig produce various low carb snacks including cheese based crisps.

You can find them on amazon here.

Snack ideas:

Egg Muffins from 'The Blood Sugar Diet'
Egg Muffins from 'The Blood Sugar Diet'
Cheese Scones from 'The Blood sugar Diet'
Cheese Scones from 'The Blood sugar Diet'

The above green ingredients (along with some amber) can be combined in various ways.

This slideshow gives you some examples.  Check out the bookshelf for some recipe ideas.

Looking for a recipe book?

Check out our resources page with pages on books, videos and websites.

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